I'm Sofia. I'm an eighteen-year-old gal from Los Angeles, in the midst of a gap year. I am fiercely passionate about intersectional feminism, progressive political action and activism, creating inclusive publishing spaces, and reinventing the literary canon. I write and read compulsively. I run an organization called Project Femme, which is my small way of helping connect and coordinate young marginalized communities' efforts to enact social and political change in their local communities. I run the Thorn Collective, which is also a project of Project Femme- our online zine and resale shop to fundraise for our cause. I am the Chair of California High School Democrats of America as well- we work hard to flip even the meager red California districts blue, and we have an amazing chapter presence, so please get involved! In general, I mostly focus on being a thoughtful advocate for reproductive justice and against sexual assault, especially the pervasive rape culture that contributes to perpetuating it in America and beyond. Femme Stories is my personal outlet to gather my individual thoughts, projects, and ideas. Being equally consumed by a myriad of restless passions, it's sometimes (always) difficult to somehow remember how to reconnect with myself and have a space to see how all of the "mes" that exist can interact with one another. I make a lot of zines because they are, to me, the most effective and multifaceted way of figuring this all out, somehow. To be frank, I am sometimes ambitious beyond my own logic and endurance- so here I am, world. All this is me and that's okay. All in all, what do I want? I want this world to be a place where teenage girls feel capable and able of being exactly who they are, unapologetically, safely, and without overwhelming self-doubt. I want to reclaim the word "femme" and draw my own power from it. Nice to meet you.

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